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castiel: our greatest american hero*

So you know how Cas sang to that baby in 9.06 and it was charmingly terrible? Well (and maybe this is super common knowledge and that’s why I haven’t seen much of anything about it but) the song he sang is actually the theme from a charmingly not-totally-terrible TV show called The Greatest American Hero. The show aired about thirty years ago (1981–83), and its theme was so popular that an extended version of the song, under the title “Believe It or Not,” made it to #2 in the Top 40 in 1981.

Twitter informs me Rob Thompson originally had other plans for the scene:


And, sure, “Highway to Hell” would’ve been funny, and there of course would’ve been the connection to Dean we could’ve all snickered about, but I like this choice better. A lot better. So here’s a lot of reasons why.

Obviously there are spoilers for SPN 9.6 “Heaven Can’t Wait” under the cut.  Continue reading


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free will rises

It’s back, you guys! My favorite theme reared its head again in this past week’s episode of Supernatural, so, naturally, you all get subjected to a giant meta post. Comments, questions, additions, and contradictions are always welcome.

This is about free will. It’s about Cas and Dean and free will and choices and consequences and good and evil, because those are all my favorite parts of the show. And it’s about perception because Carver stated somewhere at some point (erm, Comic-Con, maybe? really I’m just quoting this HuffPo review, which you should also read for some nice speculation about Sam, but I remember hearing it somewhere else too) that this season would be about perception—or, more specifically differences in perception—and that was really evident in 8×07. And it’s about guilt. Because this is SPN. There’s always guilt. It’s the driving force of the entire show. (Which is maybe my other favorite part. Because I am a little twisted. And Catholic. These things are not mutually exclusive.)

SO. This gets a rambly. And lonnnng.

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